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Posts tagged "de_dust2"

DE_dust2: Hacker’s Wrath Kickstarter Announced!

Hey guys I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the big sequel to DE_dust2! Please follow the link to help me fund this film. We have 30 days to make this happen:


Any amount is greatly appreciated. If you don’t have the funds, you can still help by sharing this and spreading the word. Thanks all!

Newbie Helps – DE_dust2 Outtake 4

Newbie helps. Whether you like it or not.

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Counter-Strike: Striker’s Rampage

Striker goes on a sweet rampage against the terrorist team. Based on the popular de_dust2 map in the game of Counter-Strike.

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Dumbass gets punched in the face

One of the fans wanted to punch Dumbass in the face. So here it is. I hope you’re happy.

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Sniping Lessons with Camper – DE_dust2 Outtake 3

In this new Counter-Strike short, Camper gives Newbie “free” sniping lessons.

This is the third outtake from Counter-Strike DE_dust2

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Baletastic – DE_dust2 Outtake 2

FD God goes BALE-istic on Dumbass.

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Newbie’s First Headshot – DE_dust2 Outtake 1

Newbie gets his first ever headshot!

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Counter-Strike DE_dust2

Based on the game, Counter-Strike: Source, this final episode in the series brings our stick characters to the map, de_dust2.

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