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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What programs do you use for your animations?

    Adobe Flash CS3 – used for pretty much everything from drawing characters, backgrounds to
    animation. Despite popular belief, I don’t use Pivot.

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 – used to blur some background images

    Adobe After Effects – used for some post-production work and editing

    Audacity – for editing audio

  • Why do you still use Flash CS3 instead of the newer versions?

    It’s a personal choice. Flash CS3 can do everything I need it to do and I just don’t like the interface in the newer versions. CS3 is also faster, lighter and more user-friendly to me.

  • What music did you use for your animations?

    The full list of music used in all of my animations are at the end credits if you actually cared to watch till the end!

  • How long does it take you to do your animations?

    Difficult question to answer… the short version is – it depends! But if you really want an estimate, it’s something like 1 month per minute of animation.That estimate is based on how much time I actually spend on it, which is only part-time at the moment.

    I also like to make every new animation better than the last, so although I get more efficient at animating, it usually balances out with all the new things I try out.

  • I have other questions - can I email you?

    Sure! I read all emails and will generally respond if it is written nicely and/or have valid questions or comments. You can email me using the contact page.